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Route Assembly is an eco-conscious bike manufacturer, and we’re pushing the industry in a new direction.

Our company was founded to solve problems that have existed in the industry for years. Supply issues, lead times, import tariffs and, worst of all, carbon emissions. These problems have only gotten more compacted as time goes on. Our goal is to reduce over reliance on Asian manufacture and international shipping. Problems that are driving up the cost, lead times and carbon output of the e-bike industry.

We offer a full range of OEM services for the bike industry. With a well rounded team, we’re capable of taking on any challenges you might face. Whether you’re trying to grow your business, launch a product or want to reshore current production we can help. We can offer full access to our team to guide you on any projects that you want to launch.

At Route Assembly, we pride ourselves on being part of the community. Our team includes avid cyclists and mountain bikers. Collectively we have years of experience in the industry and on the saddle. We don’t make any bikes that our team wouldn’t ride, that’s how we can guarantee our customers a quality product.

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We offer a full range of white label services for every project. All client’s needs are different and our team will work with you to find out what yours are and what we can do.



Use our assembly line to produce your bikes in the UK. Lower your lead times and carbon footprint all at once.


Design & Development

Work with our experts to create a bespoke bike to suit your brand. Our market guided design process helps you get off to the best possible start at launch. 



Reshore your production in the UK to simplify your supply lines and cut out international shipping. We can help you reduce your lead times, costs and your carbon footprint by producing your bikes right here in the UK.


Rapid Prototyping

Move from a design to  a physical prototype faster than ever. Our rapid prototyping process uses additive manufacturing to create a prototype in as little as six weeks that can be easily modified.

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Backed with more than a decade of experience, our team is specialized in the complete development and production of bikes in the UK.


Virtual Designing

Parts Designing

Rapid Prototyping

Final Product

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We’re a team of thinkers, makers and explorers. Our sharp-minded experts mobilizes creativity, technicalities and strategies to support you throughout your projects.

Aubrey Thompson


Mentor, Debt funding, Corporate stratigist & exits.

Ian Byrne

CEO / Chief Executive

Oversees company operation, Supply chain management.

Ciaran Byrne

COO / Chief Operations

Content creator, Copy-writer, SEO marketing.

Tim Grootjans

CTO / R&D Director

Industrial designer, E-bike development specialist.

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