Our  bike assembly is for everyone, whether you’ve designed your bike with us, or if all parts have been produced abroad.  You can send us parts from a preferred supplier or use our design and procurement service. It really doesn’t matter, assembling domestically will reduce lead times and shipping costs. But most importantly domestic bike assembly- even of offshore produced parts- is a lot less harmful to the environment.

White Label Bike Assembly

Storage With Third Party Logistics

We Can Handle The Logistics

Smaller MOQ For Market Entry And Small Businesses

Work With Multiple Suppliers To Get The Right Fit

Create A Greener Product With Homegrown Industry

White Label Bike Assembly

Just have your parts shipped to us. We will unload, build and box, ready to be shipped to your warehouse. This is all done for £45 per bike. If your bike takes longer than an hour (some high end or low quality builds can) it may cost more. We do test builds though, so you will know in advance.

Storage with 3rd party logistics service

So you want our assembly service but don’t want to ship it afterwards? We have you covered, we can store and dispatch it to your customer for very transparent prices. Generally £1 per bike per week and £5 pick and pack fee when dispatched. To underpin this service we will create your own B2B store. There you’ll be able to order the dispatch direct to your customer.


New to the industry? Just don’t want to deal with the logistics after we build it? That’s fine we can use our network to get you running. You can focus on getting sales to keep your cash flow consistent.

Smaller MOQ for entry to the market

One of the great things about our assembly- and other services- is it work with very low minimum order quantities. This means you can get parts from you preferred suppliers, from multiple countries, sent to us for assembly. So, no need to fill a 40 cubic meter container with fully assembled bikes.

Work with multiple suppliers

If you have a top notch frame suppler in Taiwan, all your moulding is done, you’re happy. However, you like the look of a three speed gear box that only do OEM in Europe, and you mainly sell in the UK. Currently you have to weigh up shipping the parts to your assembly point. Or unpacking when it reaches you and repacking for your customer. Assembling on shore in the UK gives you a much more flexible supply chain.

Grow the industry with Green products

Let just be blunt here lots of companies claim to be climate conscious. But how many are? Our industry ships millions of bikes thousands of miles. Along with this is lots of free space the we don’t need. We aim to reduce the shipping, and therefore both the financial and CO2 costs. All the while growing our domestic cycling industry to the power house it once was.

Design & Development

Work with our expert team to make the bike you want to sell. We will work with you using market data to create a bike that will emphasize your brand.