Our Pricing


£45 per hour


£2 per week

Pick & pack

£5 per bike D2C

*All the prices are the highest we charge in order to be the most transparent we can be.

AR Model

of bike to confirm look *


Low Poly Model

creation for AR


Rapid Prototyping

(Frame Cost) **


*Can be used on website for marketing etc. cost is based around 3d files being present
**This method requires no molding & can be done in Steel, Carbon fiber & Titanium. Material cost may vary

Concept development phase

[4 – 5 Weeks]


Development Phase 2.0 Cad Design

[8 – 12 Weeks]


Branding/Identity phase

[6 – 8 Weeks]


Marketing phase

[8 – 12 Weeks + Ongoing]


Route Assembly Dealer

Our company works using completely inhouse design, testing and assembly of non branded products. We use the latest technologies and methods to streamline our processes making them as efficient and eco friendly as possible to allow all clients a flexible, low MOQ entry into the industry. All supported by a growing dealer network that has learned to have faith in any product we bring to the market.