What Makes Route Assembly More Eco-Firendly?

Route Assembly is an onshore production company. That gives us to big advantages when it comes to environmental friendliness. Firstly we aren’t as dependent on fossil fuels for our energy. Instead we can use green energy to create a green product.

We stay green after production too though. Bikes produced in the Asian market need to be shipped to the UK. International shipping is a very carbon costly process. We can cut down on the carbon cost of shipping by using the roads and rails instead.

Can you really help lower lead times?

Yep, again this all comes back to our reshoring process. By working with us your bikes are assembled within the U.K., so they won’t be getting caught up in customs or be spending time at sea. Instead they’ll be put in a van or a train and sent straight where you need them.

More than that though bottlenecks in production arise from an inability of a centralised production centre to meet global demand. That leads to significant lead times for brands and retailers. By reshoring to focus on a smaller onshore and near-shore market we are able to keep up with demand and limit lead times.

What makes rapid prototyping so fast?

Our rapid prototyping system uses additive manufacturing to quickly create a bike. This removes the need for expensive moulds, cutting and shaping tubing or welding. Instead we simply use a CAD file to print out a bike to specifications.

With modular construction we can easily make changes to the design without printing a fresh bike each time. Simply reprint the parts that need to be changed and we’re good to go.

Do you work exclusively with electric bikes?

Not at all. While we’re passionate about micro-mobility and the role electric bikes play in lessening our dependency on cars, we love bikes. That includes traditional ones, we’re just as happy to make a bike without a motor as with one. If you’re interested in non electric versions of any of our off the shelf models then just let us know and we’re happy to accomadate.

Are your bikes produced fully within the UK?

Currently we do not offer full UK production. We strive to create as much of our bikes within the UK as possible. Unfortunately developing the capabilities to offer full production takes time. We aim to offer frame and wheel UK production within the year.

Is UK assembly worth it?


By assembling in the UK -even with parts from the Asian market- you are reducing your lead times and environmental impact.

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