Rapid Prototyping

Our Rapid Prototyping Process let’s us create prototypes, quickly, cheaply and efficiently, compared to traditional methods of prototyping. Our innovative process utilizes additive manufacturing to cut out the need for moulds. There’s also no need for labour intensive laying procedures. That means when we’re prototyping your bike you don’t need to factor in those costs or times. We are able produce a full prototype in as little as six weeks. We also offer a range of materials for prototyping, including titanium, carbon fibre and steel. Even better our process allows us to make adjustments to the prototype much easier so you can get to market with the right bike.

AR Models Produced To Confirm Appearance

No Need For Expensive Moulds

Produce a Unique Frame For As Little As £3,500

Available in Steel, Carbon Fibre Or Titanium (cost may vary)

The Rapid Prototyping Process Allows Easily Adjustable Prototypes

Significantly Lower Carbon Cost To Stay Green

Quick Prototype Turnaround

Produce a prototype in as little as six weeks. Traditional prototypes can take up to 6 months to complete! That’s an extra four and a half months before your bike is ready for the market. That’s assuming no changes need to be made. If something does need to be changed with traditional methods, not only a new frame is needed but also a mould. Another 6 months of waiting. With Rapid Prototyping you can go through multiple iterations in the time it takes to produce one standard prototype.

Low Cost Prototypes

For a lot of the reasons traditional prototyping can get expensive very quickly. The first prototype alone can cost well over £10,000. Then if you need to get another prototype it means a new mould essentially doubling the cost. With Rapid Prototyping the lack of moulds mean a new prototype is only the cost of the frame. And with our modular design it’s much easier for us to make small adjustments to a prototype. By simply printing the relevant parts and swapping them out instead of printing the whole frame again. Saving you thousands of pounds on prototyping.


The truth is no matter how good a bike looks in theory you can’t be sure until there is a real, testable object in front of you. There’s always a chance some changes need to be made. A shift in the angles, or increasing the thickness somewhere to fit with your logo. Even if it’s minor you’ll probably need to end up with a whole new frame without our methods. With our methods we can simply reprint the what we need to change and you’re good to go.

AR Models

All of our Rapid Prototyping projects come with Augmented Reality models. These models let you confirm the look and sizing of your bike before we take it to physical prototyping. We even give you access to these images and our AR technology to use in marketing. They are a great resource to show your customers just what they’re getting from the beginning.

Already Have a Design?

No problem. You don’t need to design your bike with us to take advantage of Rapid Prototyping. This doesn’t even need to be the first prototype of the design. Maybe your first didn’t work out and deadlines are approaching. That’s fine we’re here to help. In six weeks we can have your new prototype produced and sent to you. So, you won’t have to miss any important milestones on your project launch.

Can't Get it Anywhere Else

As far as we know there’s nowhere else that you can get access to this level of prototyping. This is one of the features that really sets us apart. We offer you a service you simply can’t get with any one else. One that saves you thousands of pounds, months of time and is better for the environment.


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