About Us



Route Assembly is a bike manufacturer that’s pushing the industry in a new direction. We started with a simple goal. To create an alternative to international manufacturing and shipping. The bike industry leans heavily on off-shore industry. Many of our current problems can be traced back to this, from import tariffs to long lead times. Most importantly though, overseas production and international shipping has a huge impact on the environment. We want to make this a green industry.

At Route Cycles we pride ourselves on being part of the community. Our team includes avid cyclists and mountain bikers. We have years of experience in the industry, and, the saddle, we don’t make bikes that we wouldn’t ride. That’s how we can ensure our customers a quality product.

Our team of experts are capable of taking on any challenge you face. Whether you want us for an individual project or a long term partnership don’t hesitate to get in touch. Learn what reshoring can do for you.


Market Tested Products

We use data collected from customers and retailers to keep our designs in line with industry trends and customer concerns.

Design without Concessions

We offer a flexible approach to design at every stage of the process thank to our Rapid Prototype Process we can easily make quick changes to designs.

Reshoring Assembly to the UK

Reduce your shipping cost and lead times with UK Based assembly. We offer transparent and measurable costs so you can stay ahead and lock in pricing for longer.

Meet the


Aubrey Thompson


Aubrey is an accomplished entrepreneurial Chairman and mentor; his more than 35 years’ experience includes working in large multinationals and small company environments.

Today, he focuses on mentoring owner management teams with building and managing boards, raising equity (VC/PE) and debt funding, identifying and guiding succession planning and corporate exits.

For your reference, recommendations can be read on his profile.

Ian Byrne

CEO / Chief Executive

Ian Byrne is a Founder and CEO of Route Cycles, where he oversees the financial planning and strategic direction of the company.

Ian has spent over 20 years in the bike industry. This has given him a wealth of experience and knowledge in the operating procedures and trends in the industry. Over this time he has built a large network of contacts. These include supply chain, manufacturing and government connections. His previous experience in management has given him the ability to organise executive leadership activities.

Above all else Ian has a track record of using these skills and contacts to strategically grow a company to record profitability.

Prior to forming Route Ian worked at Cyclotricity, where he was responsible for the delivery of sales across Europe. This included the business development strategy, leading the sales team, ensuring market strategies were implemented and coordinating with the production team.

Ciaran Byrne

COO / Chief Operations

As a marketer and content creator Ciaran specialises in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In his capacity at Route he is responsible for the creation of SEO friendly copy and implementation of SEO, PPC and social media marketing strategies. He is also responsible for the development of clear and comprehensive business plans which are crafted to maximise returns within a business for a client and their investors.

Prior to Route Cycles he worked with numerous independent retailers in the creation of copy and the implementation of SEO strategies. This allowed their businesses to engage in the online market alongside much larger companies.

While Maynooth University gave him his degree in English studies, he received his education in business and Search Engine Optimization from UC Davis.

Tim Grootjans

CTO / R&D Director

Tim Grootjans is an Industrial Designer specializing in the development of E-bikes, and has a significant amount of experience in doing so. As the Development Director of Route Cycle, it is his job to manage all client work that involves the intersection of design and production.

Before helping to start Route Cycle, Tim was the creative force behind the FLX Babymaker. This was one of the most successful bike campaigns to ever run on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. Tim is not only able to source our clients components, he is also able to develop unique, high-end goods specifically for them.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Fontys University. He went on to complete a course in Mechanical Engineering at Via University in Horsens, Denmark. Continuing his education further he relocated to Shanghai where he wrote his bachelor’s thesis on the manufacturing industry in China.

Route Assembly Dealer

Our company works using completely inhouse design, testing and assembly of non branded products. We use the latest technologies and methods to streamline our processes making them as efficient and eco friendly as possible to allow all clients a flexible, low MOQ entry into the industry. All supported by a growing dealer network that has learned to have faith in any product we bring to the market.