We are working with many groups in the UK to bring production back on shore. While full UK production is not a reality yet. Currently we can offer assembly up to 28,000 units. Shortly we will be offering frame & wheels production within the UK. What does this mean in reality?

Avoid supply chain issues associated with international production

All of our UK produced bikes are elligible for “made in UK” stickers

No need to pay import tariffs or anti-dumping charges

Lower your carbon output by cutting out international shipping

Quick and reliable national deliveries

Easy access to support from our team

Made In UK

“Made in the UK” sticker can be used in promotional materials. Consumers are more savvy and eco-conscious than ever. A made in the UK sticker assures them that your bike has a lower carbon cost than internationally produced bikes.

Lower Cost

With import tariffs and anti-dumping charges the price of importing a bike into the UK can reach prohibitive levels. This is especially true for entry and mid level companies who need to meet a certain profit to stay afloat. By having your bikes produced in the UK with us you avoid these charges completely, lessening the investment needed and freeing up cash to promote your business.

Custom Branding

Even on low quantity orders we can produce custom colours and branding on our off the shelf models. This is perfect for small bicycle tour companies or retailers looking to build their own brand without investing in a full custom design.

20,000 Bikes a Year

Currently we can assemble 28,000 bikes a year and we hope to up that number in the near future. For now though, we will not take on more than we can handle. We’ve learned from industry failings. Trying to produce more bikes than a facility can manage has a knock-on effect that hurts the industry. So, we will not take on production levels above what we are able to produce. What this means for you is that when you produce bikes with us you know it is within our abilities to do so.

Easy Access to Customer Support

We’d love to tell you that we’ll never ship a bike with a flaw, or that every delivery will be perfect. Let’s be honest though, these things happen. The difference is that when you work with us we are able to correct that mistake. If you ship bikes from China and there’s problems with the bikes or the delivery you go without for months. Another companies error and you’re left with a damaged model. Their error has a negative effect on your business with very little you can do about it. If the same happens with us, we’re a phone call away and we can have the problem fixed usually within the week.

More Reliable

Supply chain problems have been present in the E-bike industry for years. An over reliance on international manufacture has created a bottleneck in the supply chain. Companies just can’t keep up with demand. This leads to long lead times where retailers can’t keep cash flow, because they just don’t have the stock. Even when the stock arrives it can get stuck in customs. Bicycles produces with us don’t need to pass through customs, and they don’t need to travel around the world to reach you. So you can get your stick quickly every time.

Rapid Prototyping

Our Rapid Prototyping Process lets you quickly and cheaply produce physical prototypes of your designs. With our quick turnaround and easily adjusted prototypes lets you get to market quicker than ever before.