The Circular Economy & Fife Bikeworks

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Here at Route Assembly we’re big believers in the circular economy. Let’s be honest though, just believing in the circular economy doesn’t help much. If we want to manufacture bikes in a environmentally responsible way we need to be able to ensure they are part of the circular economy.

With that in mind Route Assembly is now officially working with Fife Bikeworks in order to establish a circular economy. We have stepped into the board to create a greener industry not just for us but for everyone.

What is Fife Bikeworks?

Fife Bikeworks is a social enterprise company devoted to the circular economy. Since 2008 they have been collecting donated and unwanted bikes around Fife. These bikes are then remanufactured to support charities and to sell on to the public. For any bikes that are not able to be put back into use, they are stripped down for usable parts. All of the scrap is then responsibly recycled.

Fife Bikeworks gets it’s bikes from local recycling depots. That means that they take a very proactive approach to the circular economy, rather than only waiting for donations of old bikes. Donations are very welcome though. Whether you are an organisation getting rid of ten rental bikes, or just someone whose child has outgrown their bike. By donating your bikes to Fife Bikeworks you are able to make a difference.

How Fife Bikeworks Helps The Circular Economy

Fife Bikeworks is not just a way to make sure a few bikes go back into circulation. Through them we are able to create a standardised practice for the refurbishment, recycling and sale of bikes within the circular economy.

Any bikes that are manufactured by Route Assembly will be done so with the view of being put back into the circular economy. Having a centralised and trustworthy location to do that makes it a lot easier for us to ensure.

This isn’t just for our bikes though. Fife Bikeworks is there for everyone. No matter who you are, if you sell bikes we want to help you reduce the impact on the environment. By making the circular economy accessible to all businesses we hope to change the industry just a bit.

Rather than bikes at the end of their life being left to rot in a dump we want them to be sent to Fife. From there they can be dealt with in the most appropriate way. It’s rare that no part of a bike is salvageable. Sending it to a recycling centre might be better than a landfill, but we will lose out on those still usable parts. Oftentimes a full bike is salvageable.

By sending bikes to Fife Bikeworks you are helping to make the industry greener and ensuring you are taking part in the circular economy. To learn more about this please get in touch with either us here at Route Assembly, or directly with Fife Bikeworks. Help us to make the industry eco friendly.

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